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Thermodynamic Panels 

Renewable energy sources are continuing to be embraced by many in the UK but there is one alternative energy source that is still relatively new to the market here but is extremely popular in Europe. 
Thermodynamic technology is a simple system very similar to an air source heat pump in that it harvests the energy contained in the atmosphere and uses it to create hot water. Only a small amount of electric is used to run the compressor but generates a large amount of hot water. 
These panels do not require direct sunlight and work by collecting energy from the atmosphere throughout the day and night producing heat 24 hours a day whatever the weather. 

Do I need a hot water cylinder? 

As with Air Source Heat Pumps you will need a hot water cylinder to store the hot water collected from the panels so if you have a combi boiler then this may not be an option for you unless you would like to fit a standalone cylinder. If you do have a cylinder in your property, the beauty of this system is you can retro fit on to your existing cylinder saving the costs of installing a new one. 

Benefits of thermodynamic Panels 

Thermodynamic panels can benefit your home in a number of ways. And after reading them you may be surprised that more people don't have them installed. 
Doesn’t need to be fitted in direct sunlight 
Can be fitted to the side of a home 
Continue to work when outdoor temperatures drop as far as -15C 
Don't need to be replaced for as long as 20 years 
They need very little maintenance over the years 
As quiet as a fridge 
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